July 5, 2012

What questions are you asking?

A good friend shared with me that a good question is often the key to finding the answer. This includes not only the questions we ask others, but also the questions we ask ourselves. 

I don't know about you, but for me the challenge can often be that I talk so much that there is no room to ask any questions. If our minds were buckets of water and the water represents all that we know and the bucket is filled to the top with water, what room is there to learn?

The less we learn (especially about others) the longer it will take us to achieve our dreams. It's key to note that learning facts about other peoples' lives is just the tip of the iceberg. Just asking questions doesn't guarantee that we will find the answer. We have to learn how to ask questions that reveal what is below the surface. And we have to learn how to ask those high-quality questions in a way that makes other people comfortable enough to share. Have you ever thought that the types of questions you ask set the level of trust in a relationship? 

The direction of your life, your level of impact, and your personal confidence and joy can all be in some way tied to the frequency with which you ask high-quality questions of others and yourself.

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