July 9, 2012

Is the desire to answer the most-asked-question-over-the-last-50-years driving every decision in your life?

What do you do? Why do we concern ourselves so much with what we DO? Sure, we spend a majority of our waking hours doing what we do, but does that mean it's THE question? What if what we do is a hollow vehicle? What if it is a car without an engine? What if what you do and I do is the same, but we live completely different lives? What would that say about the importance of what we do? 

I'm not saying that what you do is not important. I'm saying that it's far from the most important thing in your life. What is important? Two key elements combine to form the "engine" of your life: relationships and abundance. Take whatever you DO out of the equation, and focus on these two elements. Tell me about your relationships -- the depth, the honesty, and the love. Tell me about the abundance inside of you -- your daily joy, peace, and energy. Do these questions stir up an overwhelming joy in you? 

What is unique about these two elements -- relationships and abundance? Neither can be controlled, orchestrated, manipulated, manufactured or coerced. Genuine, deep, real relationships are dynamic; they contain their own life that is a combination of the individual lives that constitute them. Abundance can't be faked either. It's being and having more than what is needed -- more than enough. By definition, it has to come from a source that never runs dry. 

In whatever we are DOING in our lives, amazing lives are lived when we bring abundance into real, deep, genuine relationships. Energy and joy are the water and fertilizer that feed the growth of abundant lives. 

Have you ever met someone who is magnetic and electric? Was your first question to him: "What do you do?" I doubt it. It was probably one of the few times that you didn't ask that question within the first few minutes of meeting someone. Instead, you probably just stepped into whatever wave he was on and enjoyed the ride! You loved his energy! And you wanted to build relationship with him; you wanted to listen, and you wanted to enjoy his joy!

So maybe "What do you do?" isn't the #1 question we should concern ourselves with. It's not what we do that determines our abundance! But what we do can align with our abundance and our relationships! We can choose professions that serve us, our families, and our friends. We can choose professions that aren't at odds with the abundant lives we choose to live! "What do you do?" is an important question...in the context your relationships and your abundance. 

How different would our conversations be if the most asked questions were: 
  • What gives you your greatest joy?
  • Why do you have so much energy for life?
  • Who are the important people in your life?
  • What are the most amazing things about the people you love?
  • What makes you excited? What are you passionate about?
What if these questions, in addition to a deep longing to answer them, were the substance that drove your decisions? How different would your life be? 

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