May 21, 2012

Internal Conflict Is Good

Complacency is a result of being satisfied with our current situation. If we want to achieve our dreams, we have to have crystal clear visions of our destination set in our minds that are vastly different from our current situations. When there is a significant difference between our current reality and our dream, then that creates conflict -- we aren't where we want to be. And that conflict is good because it makes us uncomfortable -- we want to do something about it. Without a significant conflict between reality and dream, then we won't make the decisions and take the actions necessary to settle that conflict. So we want to create conflict so that we will get tenacious and creative enough to get rid of the conflict. The key is how do we get rid of the conflict? We will either give up the dream for the reality or we give up the reality for the dream so that there is no longer a significant gap between dream and reality -- no longer a big yearning in us to change our current situation. In order to achieve our dreams, we have to focus on holding onto a crystal clear dream and changing the reality, instead of giving up the dream to settle for reality.

Why would we give up a dream for reality? Because moving from where we are at right now to where we want to be is uncomfortable, risky, and painful. It's not easy. 

Why would we give up reality for a dream? Because we realize that we can have the dream -- it's possible for the dream to become our reality -- if we'll just make decisions every day to push through the challenges to get there.

So a few questions to ask ourselves:
  • How is my life working?
  • Am I satisfied with where I'm at? If I never move significantly beyond this point, will I be OK with that?
  • What is my dream? How clear is my dream? Is it big enough and clear enough to cause me to act outside of my comfort zone?
  • What is the bigger fear in my life: pursuing the dream? Or living my current reality forever?
  • What do I believe? Do I believe that I can -- that I will -- achieve the dream? 
Go for it!

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