May 14, 2012

Dream Chaser or Dream Catcher?

Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better.

168 hours in one week. How many of those hours to we spend wishing life was easier? How many hours do we waste wondering why something didn't go the way we had hoped?  

Life is what it is. The day is what it is. You can't determine what happens to you. You can't pull the strings necessary to ensure that life meets your expectations. The ONLY thing you can do anything about is YOU. 

Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better.

Life is a game. The game is won or lost in our minds. The opposing team wants us to believe the game is won or lost outside of our minds -- in the tangible world: lose a job, can't stand the boss, dear friend gets awful disease, stock price drops significantly, don't get picked for the role, company is in chaos, marriage is on the rocks, promises broken, facing the unknown, regretting the past, harsh words, misunderstandings, bad weather, someone lies, can't find the answer, frustrated and confused. Guess what? None of those events determine the outcome of the game. Only you have the power to determine the outcome of the game.

Do those life events hurt? Yes. Do they weaken us? Often, yes, but they can also strengthen us. They certainly change us. They can mold us into better people or mold us into defeated people. You get to decide. 

The difference between a "Dream Chaser" and a "Dream Catcher" is that the Dream Catcher doesn't wish it were easier, the Dream Catcher wishes she were better. The Dream Catcher doesn't allow the challenges and pain and unmet expectations to slow her down; instead she uses them to make herself better. The Dream Catcher knows that challenges and disappointments are inevitable, and she launches off of those to move closer to her dream. All that happens in her life takes her a step closer to achieving her goals. There aren't setbacks, just opportunities to learn and be better. 

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