March 20, 2012



What would my life look like if every single rope I've tied around myself wasn't there? How would I feel if I took out my rope-cutting scissors and snapped every one of them off? 

We've done a lot of driving as a family -- driven across the U.S.A (east to west) three times. Whenever we go over a big bridge all five of us try to hold our breath until we get to the other side. As soon as the front wheels get to the end of the bridge, we all let out a big, loud breath and immediately suck in a big gush of air. It feels so good to be breathing again. 

It's almost impossible to pursue our dreams when we have ropes tied around our legs and arms, or when we are holding our breath. Choose to breathe. Choose to live free. Forgive. 

I just finished "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand (she also wrote "Seabiscuit"). It is a life-changing, true story. The main character, Louie Zamperini, had only one thing holding him back from pursuing his dreams = his unforgiveness. How could he possibly forgive his guards at the Japanese POW camps? Read the book to find out! But the bottom line is this: GREAT things are ahead of YOU. Throw off anything that hinders you, and pursue your dreams with JOY!

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