June 11, 2012

The One Thing You Need To Achieve Your Dreams

The lives we live are made up of millions of elements. Every day we encounter thousands of things we consciously recognize -- people, situations, thoughts, objects in our vision -- as well as millions of things we recognize subconsciously. We can't control millions of elements over a lifetime -- those elements have their own rules, patterns, and energy. Though those elements are unique from us, they all play a role in the level of success we achieve in life. As we walk through these millions of elements every day, they will either work for us (propelling us to greater success) or they will work against us. Here's the secret: they work for us when our life is magnetic -- when our energy, joy, positivity, belief, and excitement consistently pull those elements in our direction, in our favor. 

If you have been struggling to achieve something for what feels like a very long time, then check your attitude. If you feel unrecognized, beaten down, and defeated, then look in the mirror. If you wake up every morning feeling exhausted, then it's time to examine yourself. If you are disappointed in life, then the only hope you have is to shift your perspective. If today is not the best day of your life, don't blame the day -- it's on you. 

What if there is only one thing that you need to completely change the outcome of your life? What if there is one key element that could launch you from where you are at to places beyond your imagination -- for you and for your family? 

There's no doubt you need to be organized and disciplined to achieve your dreams. No doubt that you need to work hard -- harder than everyone else -- and have a specific goal that you are driving towards. There are a lot of elements to success, but there is one that so many lack; and if we could just add this one element then I believe many of us would experience breakthrough.

The one thing you need to achieve your dreams: invincible abundance.

Invincible abundance is positive energy throughout the day that is consistent. It's an attitude that does not get tossed around by the rough seas of life. It's an energy that bubbles over from a real place inside of us and the well never runs dry. 

Life is going to swing at you -- every day. You lose if you fight anger with anger or disappointment with disappointment. When life doesn't happen the way you want it to, the proper reaction is not to be disappointed. When someone mistreats you, the proper reaction is not to be upset or hurt. Life doesn't respond well to a lecture; and success is not attracted to defeat. Success is magnetically attracted to joy, energy, hope, positivity, love, and abundance. 

The conscious and subconscious elements around us are searching for people with invincible abundance. If you live every day as if it is your best day ever, no matter what happens, then your days will be so. And your dreams will come true. 

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