May 29, 2012

How Do I Reach The "Tipping Point"?

On average, the "tipping point" can be defined as: the moment that I genuinely make it about helping other people instead of helping myself. 

If you aren't familiar with the concept of a "tipping point", it's the time in the life of a business/product/goal/etc. when the dam breaks and months or years of hard work start really paying off. Imagine dumping buckets of water behind a dam for years and seeing very little results. Then, one day the dam breaks and all the water you built up behind the dam crashes through and fills the river below. That's breakthrough...the tipping point.

A lot of people work really hard to reach that tipping point in whatever they are pursuing. Most never reach it. The reason is because most people stay focused on achieving their goals instead of focusing on achieving other's goals. Jesus told His disciples that the greatest must become the last and the servant of all. If we are last then that means that we think about every other person's needs before our own. And if we serve all, then that means we aren't higher than anyone, anywhere.

When we serve everyone, everywhere we go, then we'll find ourselves on the path to our "tipping point"...without fail, before you know it, you will start experiencing great success -- your biggest goals will start becoming your reality. 

For me, this is something I'm working on and learning about every day. It's been hard at times to shift my focus from driving hard toward my goal to focusing on helping other people achieve their goals. Why? Because I've always believed that if I want something bad enough and work hard enough, then I can achieve it. What I've learned is that wanting and working aren't enough; my heart -- my "why" -- also has to be in the right place. 

Here's another key I'm learning: serving others doesn't mean helping them reach the goals you want for them! You might feel like you know what someone else needs or what they would enjoy or what would be best for them, but until that becomes their goal then you aren't helping them. The first step to helping others is to listen -- learn what goals they have. 

Jesus didn't say that the greatest will be the "teacher" of all or the "motivator" of all or the "leader" of all or the "advisor" of all or the "know it all". He said the greatest will be the "servant" of all. So with that, I'm going to go put it into practice one step at a time!

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