February 27, 2012

The River

As I was thinking about what to share this morning, the picture of a river came to mind. Not a fast-moving, strong-looking river, but a peaceful, slow-moving river. 

As I pursue my dreams, often times I think I need to be like a fast-moving, strong-looking river. Running harder to get there sooner and exerting a lot of energy and force to barrel my way through the challenges that arise. 

While that might work, I get the sense that there is another way. A peaceful, slow-moving river will also work its way through or around obstacles in its path. And what is really interesting for me: a river's destination is a much bigger body of water. The river's purpose is to contribute to something larger than itself. 

So maybe we don't have to run as hard as some of us are running. And maybe we don't have to get too anxious about the challenges in our lives. Just keep moving forward at a steady pace each day.

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