January 23, 2012

You Are Perfect for Your Situation

Dream, Speak, Do, Believe

"You are perfect for your situation. Your situation is perfect for you."

-- David Zimmerman

Three thoughts here:

1. Situations are not who we are, nor are situations the goals/dreams we pursue. Who we are walks through situations to arrive at the goals/dreams we pursue.

2. I believe that we are perfect for all of our situations -- the good, the bad, and everything in between. Whoever has the ability to change holds the power in the relationship. In the relationship between us and our situation, we have the ability to change. But here is the key: we don't need to change who we are; we need to change what we believe about who we are. In the quote above, believing that the first sentence is true is what makes the second sentence true.
3. We are not subject (subservient) to our situations. Our situations -- even the painful, challenging, scary ones...especially those -- serve us.

So whatever situation you are facing, stand up, look it in the eye, and determine how it will take you one step closer to your dream.

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