November 16, 2011

It Can't Happen If You Don't Talk About It

It's a bold step to start speaking your dreams out loud, especially if other people can hear you.

It usually starts when the dream steps out of the hidden ("safe") places of your heart and enters your mind. Then you start talking to yourself. Then you take the bold step of sharing the dream with your best friend, your spouse, someone close. That person is usually the person that you feel is the least likely to laugh at your dream. Even though you don't think it consciously, you know that the worst thing for a young, growing dream is to have someone attack it. Now that you've come this far, you want to protect that little thought that had laid dormant for so long in the recesses of your heart. When enough people validate for you that you aren't crazy, then you start to tell everyone about your dream.

As you talk about your dream, your level of belief grows. As you talk about your dream, the possibility that the dream could actually move from your heart to your head to a living reality becomes stronger. You can't live something you don't talk about. Why? Because you can't live something you don't believe. And if you aren't talking about your dream, then you are dealing with one of two possible issues:

1. You thought it was your dream, but it's not really. You haven't searched deep enough in your heart. There's a door to a room that you determined long ago never should be opened. Your dream is living in that room, and you need to set it free. You are scared to, so instead of doing that you decided to try to convince yourself to believe in a different dream. It has to be the one. The dream.

2. It is your dream, but it scares you to death to talk about it. You've found it. You opened the door to that room, and now it spends its days walking around in your head. But you have not given it the green light to start announcing itself to the world. It took so much work just to get it from your heart to your head, you don't want to risk losing it!

Guess what? You can be 100% confident that if you never talk about your dream -- announce it to the world -- then you will never live your dream. There's no need to worry about losing the dream or failing in the pursuit of it if you never talk about it because in not talking about it the dream has already been lost -- you failed before you even started the pursuit.

Dream big and then talk about that dream. Tell people about it. If all they can come up with in response are questions and reasons as to why you'll never realize your dream, then just say this: "Oh, I'm sorry. I must have dialed the wrong number." But if they get excited for you and want to support you and encourage you, then you know you've found someone to be a part of your "dream team".

When you talk about your dream, you quickly begin to discover who will be valuable in your journey to achieve that dream and who will not. There is only so much time in one day, and you need to spend it building your belief. Therefore, you need to spend your time with people who believe in you.

When you talk about your dream, then you are stating who you are to the world. Everyone knows where you are headed, and they either fit into the picture or they don't. That's not mean, it's reality. If they don't fit into your world, then you don't fit into theirs. You are not only doing yourself a favor, you are doing them one as well.

So go discover your big, hairy, audacious dream, and then go tell someone. It can't happen if you don't talk about it.

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