November 14, 2011

As Dory Might Say: "Just Keep Climbing. Climbing. Climbing."

Our stories can often be told by the seasons we live through. Some seasons we describe as "good" and others we define as "challenging" or "difficult", while others are very simply "bad".

Here's the thing about pursuing our dreams: we are all in different seasons of life, but we are all pursuing the same thing -- our dreams. Different dreams, yes, but the mountain is essentially the same -- it's big. We each have to climb a "Mt. Everest" if we want to achieve our dream.

So here's how we can help each other: we're all climbing a very similar mountain, we're just going through different seasons of life while we do it. The neat thing is that you have probably already gone through the season of life I'm going through, and vice versa. So I can help you through your "challenging" season of life, and you can help me through my "bad" season of life. And the great thing is that I just went through my "challenging" season, so I should be very helpful! And you don't know it, but you are about to go through your "bad" season next so helping me will really prepare you! And what is best of all is that as I help you through your season, that makes my "bad" season a little less bad because I'm not as focused on it. And the same for you!

And sometimes, the only thing we can do through our seasons of life as we climb Mt. Everest is to just keep climbing. And that's probably the best encouragement we can give each other, as well. As you pursue your dream, just keep climbing. You can't fail if you don't quit!

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